• Amritasya putra: vayam
    lacking in nothing, children of Amrita
  • fulfilment of a dream in Ayodhya
    it was in May of 1979 when I first visited Ayodhya. the temple of Lord Sri Ram temple was not there, it was just iron fencing surrounding the statue of Ram Lala, guarded by few police officers with guns. the top of the statue was covered with just a blue […]
  • suki
    when a parrot visited amritapuri
  • Sunda scops owl
    Sunda scops owl when it visited western canteen some time back


  • Nobility of Motherhood
    Many of us pray for the living. Some even pray for the dead. But how many pray for the unborn? Only a Mother.
  • An evening at the Gurukula in Kodungalloor
    In November 1998, three Western devotees of Amma visited the children to document various aspects of their life. Their interaction with the children is the context for the story which follows. 5 P.M. We arrived on a cool Saturday evening. The quiet sandy playground is suddenly full of bustle. Br. Dhyanamrita Chaitanya, or “Swami” as […]