Satyam Sivam Sundaram

Truth (Satyam, सत्यम् ) God is Truth.
(Sivam शिवम् ) God is Auspiciousness/Goodness
(Sundaram सुन्दरम् ) Goodness is Beauty
So wherever you see the beauty, you are seeing God.
Satyam Sivam Sundaram. सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम्.
Truth, Goodness & Beauty.
This is the Indian concept of beauty.
I am proud to be born to this great culture.

In fact, Creator and Creation are not different.
According to the wisdom of India (Sanatana Dharma),
the Creator himself has become the Creation;
Like the Dance is not different from the Dancer,
or like the sea itself has become the waves.
In reality, the waves and the sea are nothing but water!

While capturing the creation in a photograph,
you become so focused, that you become one with the object.
These are the moments of meditation…you forget yourself.
In these moments of meditation,
when the apparent difference disappears,
you become one with it
Then one experiences bliss.
You are that – Tat Tvam Asi.

photographing Amma

Life is a journey to find the truth of yourself.
It’s full of challenges, excitements and lessons.
Be open, learn from each moment,
fill yourself with the light of meditation, love and laughter.

Holding the tender finger of Amma,
walking intoxicated in the world of Chidaakasa.

This blog?
These are my thoughts.
They come like a flower
and wither away after a while
without leaving a trace.
When the flower blooms,
it spreads fragrance.

Hari Om!
Tat Sat.

fill your life with love, light & laughter. then life will be a celebration

Swami Dhyanamritananda – स्वामि ध्यानामृतानन्द