Jai Sri Ram! A Dream Realized and a Nation United

Oh, what beauty! a few drops of tears, filled with gratitude and bhakti rolled down my cheeks. A surge of love filled the heart, a sense of fulfillment, exuberance, and celebration, all merging in utter silence in the chant of Jai Sri Ram.

22 Jan 2024
Punapratishta of Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

Jai Sri Ram! Today is a day of unparalleled joy and fulfillment as I witness the consecration of Sri Ramlalla, a dream that has now come true. If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall the post I wrote during the foundation stone laying ceremony [link]. Today, as I watch this, Prana Pratishta of Sri Ram Lalla, a profound sense of fulfillment envelops me.

Darshan of Ramlala
Oh, what beauty! The tall statue of the Lord Rama in black stone, adorned with yellow clothes, a diamond-studded crown, mala, and gopi was splendid, majestic. In my first darshan of the moorthi, a few drops of tears, filled with gratitude and bhakti rolled down my cheeks. A surge of love filled the heart, a sense of fulfillment, exuberance, and celebration, all merging in utter silence in the chant of Jai Sri Ram.

Heartfelt pranams to all those individuals who worked selflessly and sacrificed their lives for the resurrection of this temple. Special pranams to PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath without whom this may not have happened at all.
May Lord Ram bless each one of them.

This fulfillment extends beyond the physical structure of the temple. Sri Rama has long been worshiped in the hearts of millions. However, to see Him recognized nationally and internationally as a “Maryada Purushottam” brings a sense of completeness. Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are not merely deities; they are the weavers of the fabric of our nation. Remove them, and there is no music, no dance, no art, no philosophy and no major literature for us to claim as our own.

Now, as I gaze upon this magnificent temple with intrinsic artwork, born out of love, faith, planning and dedication of thousds of volunteer devotees, I see more than its architectural beauty.

1. Spiritual Unity and Awakening:
The resounding chants of ‘Ram Ram’ and the joyous celebration unite people from all walks of life and every nook and corner of India and beyond. The lighting of lamps, the chanting of mantras – all these expressions of devotion prompt individuals to delve deeper into the stories of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna; enquire who they are. Some may argue that they are mythological characters, but even if accepted for the sake of argument, their ability to inspire and elevate for thousands of years deserves our admiration.

This Ayodhya temple has brought a renewed sense of self-respect for Sanatana Dharma.

2. National Consciousness and Integration:
In a land known as Akhanda Bharat, a newfound sense of oneness prevails among millions of Indians. The love for Ram and Krishna, the faith in the wisdom of the Vedas – these are the real unifying threads that bind the people, transcending the laws and constitution that govern the land.

3. Cultural Exchange:
Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister Yogi Adithyanath’s vision of showcasing various cultural aspects connected to Ramayana is a commendable effort. Cultural shows, paintings, arts, dramas, music, and theaters dedicated to Ramayana from across the country are finding a space in Ayodhya. The cultural exchange goes beyond borders, with countries like Thailand and Cambodia expressing interest in contributing to the rich tapestry of Ayodhya. It will help us us to understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of our country and the influence of Ramayana.

4. Economic Development:
The temple marks not only a spiritual milestone but also a significant boost to India’s economy, particularly in the realm of spiritual tourism.

4. Infrastructure Development:
To accommodate the influx of tourists, Ayodhya is witnessing a remarkable surge in infrastructure development. From railway stations and airports to hotels and exhibition halls, the city is transforming. This development not only benefits the visitors but also elevates the living standards of the local population.

In essence, the Ayodhya temple is not just a physical structure; it is a catalyst for spiritual unity, national integration, economic and infrastructure development, and cultural exchange.

You can feel the surge of Rama Rajya…A nation lead by Dharma.. yes it’s on its way.

Jai Sri Ram!