first day covai

this is the first time in this year i am seeing so many mosquitos. at night in the room i had to put on odomos – an ointment — to drive away all the mosquitos. it worked well.

the weather in covai is very nice and cool. usually when we come in the month of april or may it’s hot. unbelievably hot. really torturous. now the air is so fresh and cool. outside it is dusty though. but considerably less than previous years.


in the morning Amma came to the stage a little earlier than usual, little ahead of schedule. is there any thing called schedule for amma? i wonder. whatever she does is as per her schedule. For She who has transcended time, how can time limt her?


at night the Badugas from Ooty village came and rocked the stage. all those watching them were on their toes. Amma was watching their dance while giving darshan. they sing with so much bhava — non-stop for almost 2 hours. at the end when Amma stood up they were still singing. Amma danced a full round standing on the stage. it brought much cheer to the devotees. even after Amma went to her room at 3 a.m, the Badugas were still singing. the celebration continues…

22 Jan 07, Coimbatore