mantra miracle

13 march, bharata yatra 2008, delhi

one little girl about 12 years old asked amma for mantra. last year also she has asked for mantra. but only this time amma gave it. the next day when i saw her she said the mantra has changed her so much.

i asked her what was the change. ‘you wont believe it,’ she said.
i said ‘i believe you.’what did the manta do?.’
pointing to her heart she said ‘its still ringing here. its is so powerful’
‘ok. what was the change?’ i asked.
‘my anger was reduced.’
‘with whom you are angry with?’
‘with my little brother and a friend.’
‘oho ‘ i exclaimed

when i retold amma this to amma with the girl by amma’s side, amma herself was looking at her with eyes of wonder.

but the girl was confident, that the mantra changed her.

is this not was is needed for a disciple–
an innocent faith? then it will do miracles.