sit quiet and relax

18 jan, bharata yatra 2008, covai

In the evening when amma was talking there were lots of noises. sounds of people talking and talking. she finished her talk started meditation. amma asked every one to keep silence. because they were all trying to jump into the darshan queue. but it would take another one hour to start darshan, after amma’s bhajans. amma insisted that everybody should keep silence. hearing the ‘talking crowd’ amma said that when you are in a train there is no point in running forward to reach your destination faster. the train will take you there. only when it reaches the destination, you can get there. once we are in the train, we should put our luggage down, sit and relax. swami ramakrishna who was translating amma’s words tried to make the people sit quiet. but it was in vain– especially on the ladies side. at last he told in the mic, “even if you dont meditate, its ok, just sit quiet. that itself if great meditation for you.”

all laughed including amma.

yes the external discipline helps to discipline the internal.