transmission of love

while standing at the end of devi bhava after showering flower petals on the devotees, amma looked at us. clad in a peacock-green sari with golden ornamental designs, amma kept smiling at us. she was looking into the web camera. the camera was on the floor. amma looked majestic. i felt she was looking into me. i felt the love and compassion, my hair stood on end. (the last time, she called my name. this time, she did not.)

the curtains closed. our darshan began.
amma, amma… the call came from all her chldren, digitalised and sent to washington d.c.
makkale… amma called back.
the ritual went on …
it is very nice to call out “amma!” or to be a witness of this internet edition of love transmission.
it’s really beautiful.
you don’t have anything to say in particular; nor does she.
gazing into the eyes of the other. that’s love.
if you have ever been in love, you will understand this clearly.

and she moved off the stage to the hall to the veranda and to the car.
seeing amma walking, touching the hands of devotees standing on either side, she was flowing like a river, cleansing and rejuvenating, inspiring and protecting… flowing into new york…

10 july 2007, amritapuri