amma did it, she did it here

18 feb, bharata yatra 2009, mangalore

amma did it; she did it here in mangalore. ‘navu ega manas puja madona‘ amma said on the microphone. it was kannada language, asking every one to start manas puja now. and you know what people did? they started clapping.  ‘elleu kannu muchikondu bennu nettagai madikondu kulithukolli” – all of you close your eyes, sit erect with spine straight –  again they clapped aloud.
yes. amma was leading devotees in manasa puja in mangalore right after the bhajans and satsang.
amma’s voice becomes like that of a child’s. she led every one step by step visualizing the form of devi, decorating her, doing puja to devi’s feet, visualizing each and every part clear in the mind…. and then to the arati.

i have mentioned earlier (read here) looking at the enthusiasm of amma speaking manasa puja in tamil, that i was sure that amma will soon do it in other languages too.

she did it here in mangalore for the first time in kannada.

i know that the children of other languages can wait patiently for the day amma will speak on the mic in their language. good things come to those who wait 🙂

~ dhyanamrita