i saw the goddess alive

well known carnatic classical violinists, mysore nagaraj and mysore manjunath, also known as the ‘mysore brothers’ came to meet amma and performed for her near the end of darshan. they were sitting by her side for some time and as darshan ended, amma decided to sing. she sang two songs, they then took out their instruments and started playing along with amma. after two songs amma asked them to play alone. they played the famous song “raghupati raghava raja ram” while amma sat clapping and enjoying the music, especially the sound of the violin. the whole crowd joined amma in clapping along to the music. after the marvelous performance amma once again blessed them.


“this is the best and most memorable experience we have had in the last 40 years of career,” said arjun kumar, who was accompanying the mysore brothers on mridangam. he continued, “for me, the mridangam has always been my goddess. but today i saw the goddess alive.”

this is the first time that i am watching professional artists who came to meet amma, then perform along with her and sit around her darshan chair and playing for her.

while leaving they were saying “we will come back, we will come back soon.”

yes, amma is so irresistible.

~ dhyanamrita
28 july 2016, amritapuri

Amma bliss

shyam ki ye leela ko dekh

8 mar 2012, amrtapuri

early in the day it was very much in the air that amma may play holi. when? no one knew. i saw some devotees walking around with some colour powder. so it was obvious that something might happen. but when? no one knew.

remember? back in 2007, in mysore, one devotee took powder hiding under her sari while going for darshan and she she took out the powder and smeared it on amma’s cheek. she gave amma the rest of the bowl. then amma started smearing golden yellow colour on everyone who was coming for darshan. and lo!! it was the IVUSA japanese students who were in the line. they were meeting amma for the first time. they didn’t know anything about holi. amma was applying the yellow powder on their faces. one of my brother jokingly said that they thought that it was part of the darshan !!!

but today, the news was spreading around. amma will play holi at the end of darshan. so many little ones of the asrham were running towards the stage at the end of darshan for playing holi with amma.

there was a padapuja. after the puja one devotee brought powder and water. amma started spraying water and throwing colour powder all around.
i was standing near her chair. amma took a handful of pink powder and smeared it on my face. she took time to make sure that its all over my face. every one was laughing. then she threw all around, on the sides, in the front, upwards, and even towards the back taking everyone by surprise. the fan above made sure that everyone will have their quota of colours.

amma applying clours on dhyanji

amma was joyously singing ‘aaye he holi, bhar pichkari’ (holi has come!  water pistols are filled with colours).
i was helping amma to fill up the pichkari and handing it over to her. i never expected that she will aim straight back at my face as soon as I offered it to her! yes she did. she pointed the pichkari to my face and emptied all that water. she didnt forget to pour some into my shirt – i mean inside of it.

colour water with water pistol on dhyanji

then amma started the next song ‘vraj me isa.. much gaya shor‘…  this particilar line – ‘kanha ek, gopi anek’ (krishna is one, gopis are many). some girls standing in front of amma started dancing while singing, pointing to amma meaning that krishna/amma is one.
next line was ‘see the leela of shyam (krishna)’…
i started acting out, pointing to amma – ‘shyam ke ye” .. then to my face “leela ko dekh” (see the leela)
amma started laughing.
amma kept on singing those line for some more time.

it was superb.
after amma left the stage we collected the remaining coloured powder and went around, painting all those we crossed, amongst laughter and joyful screams till we ran out of powder.

i went back to the room. took off my shirt.  my chest was full of colours. looked at my shirt several times and decide to archive it – as a memory of holi that my krishna played with me.
~ dhyanamrita


i saw vaishno devi

21 sep 2009, amritapuri

yesterday there was a padapuja by a lady and her mother who is in her 80s. they did the puja with great devotion. after the puja the lady talked to me. she introduced her mother.

the old lady was planning to go to vaishno devi, the famous devi temple in jammu, at a height of 5200 feet above the sea level. you have to walk 14 km up mountains to reach this famous devi temple. recently she had a heart surgery, so she could not make it to vaishno devi.

but her daughter, who is from mumbai, told her that she was going to amma and invited her to come to amritapuri. the mother agreed. so she was here, doing padapuja with her daughter. she was meeting amma for the first time.  “i could not go to vaishno devi, but i saw vaishno devi and did puja to her”.
the old lady was in bliss.


special cashew & kabadi with amma

8 march 2009, enroute tiruvalla to amritapuri

it was special but not a surprise.
on the way back from tiruvalla programme, amma visited an old house. it has not been painted for years, not modified for the last 30 years at least. situated on the side of the main road,  this is one of the houses amma used to visit in the early days.
the mother of the house, who is in her sixties, welcomed amma and did padapuja. she poured milk, curd, ghee.. chanting her mantra. and in excitement she forgot to wash amma’s legs at the end. since i was assisting her, i had to pour water and insist her to wash them.

in their puja room, pictures of early days with amma, amma in krishna bhava–were all there.

this lady of the house used to bring for amma boiled kappa, chembu, kachil, all root items,  whenever she came to the ashram. now here at the house she has prepared the same for amma. we also had our own healthy portions. it was really tasty… especially after the whole night program and empty stomachs even at 12 noon.

kakkanad house

after talking to the family amma came out to the courtyard. amma started explaining

“this is the ground where i used play kabadi*1 with this mole (daughter).” that square-sized court yard seemed to rejoice once again in the memories…

amma with kakkanad cashew

there was a cashew tree standing in the courtyard. it had full of ripe mangos. the nut is attached outside to the mango. the mango is juicy and good to eat when ripe. seeing the ripe mango, my first thought was to give this one to amma. but how can i reach. lo… suddenly one mango just falls next to me. i tried to blow off the sand, took inside to wash.

i gave that to amma. amma asked for a knife and started to cut into pieces.

seeing  the ripe ones on the top, my childhood vasanas rose up. i picked up a stone and flung it upward into the topmost branches. i got one. took another stone, and another one fell. seeing that, swamiji joined. he took a stick and tossed it up in the air. it went miles away from the mango. my next two or 3 throws didn’t bring any result.  this time we were together in the throw, aiming at the same mango, and two mangoes fell at the same time. swamiji claimed he did it. i accepted it. anyway the mangoes were for amma. and amma had got a knife and started cutting the mangoes into pieces…

the amusement didn’t last long. the onlookers, people from the road came in to see amma.


1. (kabadi is played as follows: two teams occupy opposite halves of a field and take turns sending a “raider” into the other half, in order to win points by tapping or wrestling members of the opposing team; the raider then tries to return to his own half, holding his breath during the whole raid.)


amma did it, she did it here

18 feb, bharata yatra 2009, mangalore

amma did it; she did it here in mangalore. ‘navu ega manas puja madona‘ amma said on the microphone. it was kannada language, asking every one to start manas puja now. and you know what people did? they started clapping.  ‘elleu kannu muchikondu bennu nettagai madikondu kulithukolli” – all of you close your eyes, sit erect with spine straight –  again they clapped aloud.
yes. amma was leading devotees in manasa puja in mangalore right after the bhajans and satsang.
amma’s voice becomes like that of a child’s. she led every one step by step visualizing the form of devi, decorating her, doing puja to devi’s feet, visualizing each and every part clear in the mind…. and then to the arati.

i have mentioned earlier (read here) looking at the enthusiasm of amma speaking manasa puja in tamil, that i was sure that amma will soon do it in other languages too.

she did it here in mangalore for the first time in kannada.

i know that the children of other languages can wait patiently for the day amma will speak on the mic in their language. good things come to those who wait 🙂

~ dhyanamrita


know that it is mine

1 dec 2008, amritpauri
when i heard about the jupiter, venus and the crescent moon in san ramon, i had a small desire to see that. and lo! today it was seen above the amritapuri ashram buildings. the venus on the left the jupiter on the right and the crescent moon below. it was like a smiley face in the messenger! it was soooo beautiful. the sky was cloudy, the light was too low, i could not watch too long, could not get a good pic, still sharing what i got. enjoy.

wait .. where is amma? she was there in san ramon.

look she was also here.

“yadaditya gatam tejo jagat bhasayatekhilam
yaschandramsi yaschagnow tat tejo viddhi mamakam” says krishna in bhagavd gita ch 15-12.
the splendor that is there in the sun, moon, fire and all that objects illuminating the whole world know that it is mine.



[bit of science: the moon is the brightest, closest and smallest of the three and is 252,000 miles away from the earth. venus, the second brightest, closest and smallest, is 94 million miles away. and big jupiter is 540 million miles away.]


Mata Rani Teri Kripa

Darshan continued throughout the duration of the bhajan today. It
continued on after the bhajans finished also. Hundreds of people were
there. Chandramohan, a little boy from Kozhikode who is mentally
challenged, was next to Amma’s chair. Amma asked him to hug and kiss the cheeks of the devotees who came for darshan.

Seeing a Sardarji sitting beside Amma, Amma told him, “I have a new
bhajan in Punjabi. Have you heard that?”

“Yes,” he said.

Amma then called all harmonium and tabla musicians to come and started
singing “Mata Rani Teri Kripa Barasai”
[The Mother Queen Is Showering Her Grace Upon Us.]
It’s melody and rhythm are in a typical Punjabi style.

AmritaTV was there, so Amma’s face was on the big screen. Everybody watched Amma closely, clapping along and enjoying the play.

Nath, a two- or three-year-old boy from France, was in the darshan line
with his father. To the delight of both Amma and the devotees, he came before Amma and started dancing. Amma began calling out “Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!” to encourage him on.

Another beatiful day with Mata Rani….

18 Jan 2007
* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * ** * * *

here is the text (lyrics) of Mata rani

Mata Rani Ne Kripa Barsayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi
mata Rani Ne Keetti Sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

The Empress of The Universe has showered Her grace,
All my wishes have come true.
The Divine Mother heard my prayers
All my wishes have come true

Onne mere sare rah khole
mere sare rukke kam pure hoye
meri Maya meri,
meri Maya meri suddh len ayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

She has cleared all my paths,
Desires that were blocked have been fulfilled
My Mother,
My Mother has come to take my sorrows away
All my wishes have come true

Mata Rani ape daudi daudi ayi
onne har kushi meri jholi payi
meri ambe ne,
meri ambe ne keetti sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hunid Ayi

The Empress of The Universe Herself has come running
She has poured all happiness into my pouch
My Mother,
My Mother heard my prayers
All my wishes have come true

Ajj meri Mayya mere kar ayi
kushiyan de sagar vicch dubki lagayi
meri datti ne,
meri datti ne keeti sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

Today My Mother has come to my house
I have taken a dip into the ocean of happiness
My Giver,
My Giver heard my prayers
All my wishes have come true

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *