Amma’s Vrindavan

it was amazing to see the devotion of the kozhikode devotees. the crowd in kozhikode program was sooooooo huge. darshan began in the evening and continued till 3pm next day.

in the morning people were still standing in line for amma’s darshan. most of them with families… mother, father, children, husband, wife… at night they were in the cold – mist and wind was flowing across the sports stadium. now they were standing in the sun. amma wanted to provide shade for them. some temporary shelters with shamiyana (decorative cloth) were made. but that was not enough. so they were moved first to the side of the stage where there was shade and then on to the stage. luckily the stage was soooo big.

you should have seen them. looked at their faces. looked into their eyes … they had been awake all night. maybe some might have dozed a bit. still they were not tired. while standing in line for amma’s darshan you could see them chanting “amma amma amma amma” – their mouths opening and closing like a fish breathing in water…. so much devotion. tears filled my eyes seeing the faith and dedication of the gopis of kozhikode.
yes it’s truly amma’s vrindavan.
7 Jan 2006, Kozhikode, Kerala.