get married again

amma stayed in the school building in kodungallur. after the morning darshan she stayed in the ashram building which is at the program site. the ashram building has only 3 small rooms. kodungalllur is the first brahmasthanam temple established by Amma. kodungallur is also home to the first amrita vidyalayam. it was nice to see the first ever enrolled student of amrita vidyalayam who had just became a doctor (Dr. Gokul) garlanding amma on the stage yesterday. all the school children and the devotees gave him a big applause.

Amma has special connection with the devotees here. most of them are very very old devotees. they have been coming to amma for years. in the vintage scenes video you might see some of them.

one incident… an old teacher came for darshan. she cannot walk properly. climbing steps? impossible.
during darshan amma was looking at her face. pushing the woman’s grey hair back amma said, you look so young. you should get married again.
i saw this old women after darshan sitting by the temple. narrating this incident to me, she was still laughing ‘getting married at this old age? Amma’s is joking with me!”.

9 Jan 2007 Kodungallur, Kerala