become greater than amma

24 feb, bharata yatra 2008
washim, vidharbha, maharashtra.

during arati, at the end of the programme in washim, a girl jumped from the stage and joined the arati line, did the arati courageously pushing a lady who is supposed to do it. after waving it few times, she jumped back on to the stage. amma was looking and smiling at her innocence.

later i asked her why did she do that? what prompted her to do the arati?

she is sneh priyanka sharma, said that her foot were trembling, heart were longing to do the arati. so she jumped. she didn’t knew that the arati is done only by selected volunteers.

even though this marwadi girl is meeting amma for the first time, she felt so much shakti is there in amma. this 14 yr old wants to join amma’s ashram. seeked amma’s blessings. do you know what she said to amma?

“amma se bada hone ka kuch ashirwad liya” [i want to become greater than amma.]
she told me about what she had said to Amma, and she added, “even if i don’t become greater, i can become like amma at least.”