festive mangalore

16 feb, bharata yatra 2008, mangalore

we reached mangalore. i know there is a lot missing in between. i have nice stories to tell you. what to do? the dust and the cold disturbing me. but still i try to cover the events. if i wait, then you will miss the celebration of tomorrow. so here it is .. a curtain raiser.

you cannot pass through any mangalore city road without noticing amma’s big posters welcoming all to come to the brahmasthana pratishta.

amma is staying in the school. brahmasthanam in the same coplex. the mangalore brahmasthanam temple is bigger than any other in size. the pandal is huge. the kitchen and annakhetra is size of amma’s usual program hall. there is a backwaters near by. the murthi is ‘resting’ after the ‘bimba shodana’ ceremony. several pujas are going on as the preparation of the installation. there is a beautiful well in the temple.
the kalasha sthapana is at 11.45 a.m and prana pratishta is at 1.45 p.m tomorrow.

the last brahmasthanam consecration was at trissur in 2005.

people are pouring in from all parts of karnataka and other states. during darshan amma picks up the microphone and asks the volunteers to look into the accommodation of the people from other states.

certainly there is a festive mood everywhere. all are waiting for the moment of consecration.