Blissed-out Dolphin

After a long time, I went for a long walk today, ending up at the beach. The sea is now bringing in sand, as if to increase the amount of sand on the shore. I sat on one of the rocks there for meditation. It wasn’t raining today unlike the last few days when it rained heavily. The sky was a grayish-blue colour. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds.

As I gazed at the sea, I saw dolphins leaping into the air. Wow! They were jumping in joy. They would pop up from the water and stay in the air for a second. They would then take the plunge again to swim. Lo, there was a shark too! You could see its tail-fin flapping as it cut through the water. Even though they were far away, you could clearly see them. There were five or seven of them.

Previously, I had tried various times, on several days, to shoot the dolphin. But whenever I went there with my camera, the dolphin would not oblige with an appearance. Here it was, right before me… but I didn’t have a camera. I decided against going back to the ashram to get my camera. I just sat there and tried to meditate, to dive into the ocean of bliss. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? To frolic and swim about in that ocean of bliss like a blissed-out dolphin.

Well, I didn’t really get blissed out! Hence this blog! Ha! Ha!

8 Nov 06