you are a swami of double fifty

the malankara sabha metrapolita, philippose mar chrystostem tirumeni who is turning 100 (yes 100 years) next april, is going around the country and meeting 100 celebrities and conducting interviews. famous malayalam film director blessy is the directing the documentary which will be released during tirumeni’s 100th birthday celebrations.

i think he should be nominated for guinness book records for making a documentary on himself, by travelling around the country at the age of 100!!

tirumeni came to meet our amma and they had a private meeting lasting about 45 mnts. they shared the visions and methods for the betterment of society. even though he moves around in a wheelchair, his mind is sharp, thinking is clear, good memory, wise, full of humour and laughter, down to earth, loving. open mind….

“each time you come here i pray that you may have a healthy long life’ said amma blessing tirumeni.


100 years of experience how can i miss it..? while i only have half of it. had a selfie with him . during that time he wondered and asked “in this who is swami?”.

i am a swami of fifty, you are a swami of double fifty !!