Amma bliss

golden sunset

it was amazing this morning. usually i don’t get to see the sun rise.
today when i saw it, the western horizon was bright and red as if the sun was rising there. really!! it was cool. the red and golden yellow rays sprayed through the orange, yellow and white clouds… so joyful to see.
at the same time the east was a bit dark and cloudy.

in the evening it was just the opposite. the western side was dark. black clouds over the sea gave one the feeling that it would rain at any time. and lo! the east was bright and shinning, yellow and red clouds and golden rays as if the sun was going to set there.
nature is amazing. who paints the sky with these wonderful colours? how amazing and beautiful will be the lord who created it.

amma was on the webcast, in the morning and evening, during the starting and ending of devi bhava from the san ramon ashram. amma was in a maroon sari with golden colored border. it suits the chocolate colour of her body. she looked radiant and beautiful as ever.

it was very touching at the end of darshan. one girl, anni, student of amrita university, who was living in amritapuri for some years, now sick, is in usa now, came for darshan on a wheel chair. amma held her closely to her bosom for a long time –giving her confidence, peace and faith.
we all pray for her happiness.

after devi bahava, amma spoke with the ashramites. it was sooo sweet.
one asked amma, why did she leave us?
amma was quick in her response. said she did not leave any one.
but he won’t leave amma. “when is amma going to come back?”
“don’t you know that?” amma responded.
every one started calculating….

10 june 2007