darshan in trichy went on till 8.30 am in the morning. people have so much faith in amma , so much love for amma. it was reflected in the words of mayor and the minister who spoke. you could see the police people in the uniform joining the line to give prasad to amma– usually only volunteers of the local area gets such a privilege.

Amma stayed in a house next to the national college grounds. during the padapujaa, those family members put a kind of kingly turban on amma. it was very nice to see amma with the white turban with some yellow glittering beads hanging down.

by evening 4.30 amma visited an ashram residence – radha and ramesh – parental house next to sri rangam temple. sri rangam temple has the tallest temple gate in the world. Lord vishnu in ananta shayana is the murthi of the temple.

the house was in an agraharam- the place were the ayyankar brahmin community lives. there were about 60-70 people living in that house. it was a joint family. they all looked alike. they welcomed amma with chants and smiles and cries. after the puja, amma initiated a young boy with sacred thread. upon their prayer.

the house is like a small passage and small rooms on either side. after giving prasad she went to kitchen where swami ramakrishna was making coffee. she took the kettle from him and stretched out a cup of coffee.

when she came out of that house there was a big rush of people waiting for darshan.

with the help of the police amma could easily get out of the traffic of the city. before the police left, they made sure to come and get amma ‘s blessings.

writing this on our way to chennai, we are little far away from amma. the whole tour group is ahead of 150 km.

i didn’t sleep last night, had my breakfast and slept for 4 hours. i was not feeling hungry. so didn’t take lunch.
unless amma stops, we won’t stop. so waiting for chennai to have my dinner.

we are supposed to reach chennai after midnight… now it’s 8 pm.

good night — shuba ratri.

26 jan 2007, trichy to chennai