Shubaratri again

oh! there is amma. she is by the road side in a field distributing dosa…
all children had gathered around her. some others are making tea little further away.
by not far from amma, there is group of ducks inside a net-fence. both had similarity. the scene, the contrast stuck me. here one is there due to the bondage. No freedom to choose the life of their own. the other group- the children around amma, is for freedom from the bondage. they have chosen of their own.

some one was taking photos. clicking , clicking. he does not belong to the tour group. i asked him– where is he from? he said he is from ‘dinakarn’ a tamil daily. i wondered what he is going to do with the photo of amma sitting with ashramites and having food. he said it is very important for him. amma had come to his village. centainly he will publish the news and photo. he said it with such a spirit jumping on to his bike and running to his press office. i dont think i will be able to see the local edition of dinakaran. but one thing.. even in the villages people know about amma. they have respect and love for her.

we had our dinner… amma sang two tamil songs. the last one ‘om shakti om shakti’ was ecstatic and beautiful…

then we started again for chennai. now 9.30 pm. — another 180 k.m. to go….
shubaratri once again.
namah sivaya

26 jan 2007, trichy to chennai