the hand that gives, unites: with india’s first hand transplant patients

it was a pleasant meeting- abdul rahim and manu- these two with special hands. abdul rahim and manu, both who lost both of their hands – one while diffusing land mine and other trying to protect a girl from anti social elements. their hands were replaced at amrita hospital. this is the first hand transplant in south aisa, that too on a dark skin. now both live a ‘normal life’. they came to meet amma in kochi.

they gave me a hand shake. it was sooo strong, a typical military hand shake.

the hand that gives are the hands that unites: a selfi with manu and abdul rahim

now addul rahim, who is from afghanistan has fell in love with amma and india. manu was given a job at amrita hospital as a counsellor by amma.

if you think about it, its a wonder how brain accepted a ‘foreign body’ as its own and functioning, co-ordinating the impulses perfectly.

thanks to amrita team of doctors who made it happen. all amma’s grace.

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