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why i ‘m not forgetting?

why i am not forgetting? “amma yennulloru namam orthidave romancham akunnatenthe?” അമ്മയെന്നുള്ളൊരു നാമമോർത്തീടവേ രോമാഞ്ചം ആകുന്നതെന്തേ? oh what a bhajan tonight! amma sang with a full voice.“ammayennulloru namam orthidave” i love it so much.these lines are not just written out of imagination by the poet, but they are born out of real experience of his love-bond […]

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Letter for the Elephant

Ram & Lakshmi, I love you very much. Please listen to Amma. Behave well. I will see you two in Amritapuri


An evening at the Gurukula in Kodungalloor

In November 1998, three Western devotees of Amma visited the children to document various aspects of their life. Their interaction with the children is the context for the story which follows. 5 P.M. We arrived on a cool Saturday evening. The quiet sandy playground is suddenly full of bustle. Br. Dhyanamrita Chaitanya, or “Swami” as […]