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Kathakali: Krishna, Yasoda & Devaki

this is the story of sri krishna, devaki and yasoda.
devaki is sri krishna’s mother and yasoda is his step mother.
actually this story is not there in the purana. but improvised according to the artist’s imagination without contradicting the original story, at the same time trying to highlight the value of motherhood. it was a very touching performance. kudos to all the artists.

devaki is wondering. what am i hearing? sri krishna is coming back from vrindavan to mathura?
Devaki and Krishna
sri krishna
pain of a mother

devaki explains her sorrows of not meeting him all these years.
i have never seen any kathakal performance like this. the characters were really crying–devaki, krishna and yasoda. during the continuous 3 hour performance they never applied anything (glycerine etc) in their eyes as film characters will do. their emotions were original. they were living the characters.
i also had a tough time to see through the lens with eyes filled with tears.

i am nothing: devaki and yasoda
for certainly:  i will explain every bit of krishna’s childhood plays
listen carefully: yasoda and devaki
dizzy: pootana tried to kill krishna giving her breast milk applying poison on her breasts. at last krishna killed her.
i hate this
mischievous: once krishna ate sand. he denied it. i asked him to open his mouth.
wonder: krishna showed 14 worlds in his mouth
fear: krishna showed 14 worlds in his mouth. i was afraid
wonder fear:i could not believe it.
wonder: what is this?
console: you are lucky to have him. yasoda and devaki
fire of separation: Yasoda taking leave, unable to bear the pain of separation from sri krishna.
yasoda is sad
yasoda & krishna: hugging with all the heart
what a fortune to have mothers like this.