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Ajantha & Ellora – the wonders of the world

The beautiful Ajantha and Ellora Temple caves, architecture and paintings.
One of the unrecognised wonders of the world of Indian cultural heritage.
This Ellora caves should have been the icon of India’s tourism. When you read the story you will understand it.

Tolpavas – traditional puppets to spread the message of Gita

Gitamritam organised a 3 day workshop on puppetry. Invited a traditional puppetier who’s family has been in to this theatre art for the last 600 years. They had tolpavas (puppets made out of animal skin) of 200 years old!

In the 3 days the basic dynamic of puppetry and how to make puppets were taught. At the end of the Gita students presented a show, writing their our own script and creating their own puppets with cardboards.

All are exited to take this out to the next level.. to take it to different schools and colleges to spread the message of Gita. Its Amma’s wish that the youth should spread the message of our culture.
8-10 Jul 2016 at Amrita University, Bengaluru









prayer, originally uploaded by dhyanji.

The quest of the Indian artist is to seek the underlying unity of life and to experience the divine.

so sweet Kathak girl

so sweet, originally uploaded by dhyanji.

Originated from the three North Indian gharanas of Lucknow, Jaipur and Varanasi, the present version of Kathak has emerged. Gharana means schoool.

lokah samastha sukhino bhavanthu