i saw vaishno devi

21 sep 2009, amritapuri

yesterday there was a padapuja by a lady and her mother who is in her 80s. they did the puja with great devotion. after the puja the lady talked to me. she introduced her mother.

the old lady was planning to go to vaishno devi, the famous devi temple in jammu, at a height of 5200 feet above the sea level. you have to walk 14 km up mountains to reach this famous devi temple. recently she had a heart surgery, so she could not make it to vaishno devi.

but her daughter, who is from mumbai, told her that she was going to amma and invited her to come to amritapuri. the mother agreed. so she was here, doing padapuja with her daughter. she was meeting amma for the first time.  “i could not go to vaishno devi, but i saw vaishno devi and did puja to her”.
the old lady was in bliss.


Mata Rani Teri Kripa

Darshan continued throughout the duration of the bhajan today. It
continued on after the bhajans finished also. Hundreds of people were
there. Chandramohan, a little boy from Kozhikode who is mentally
challenged, was next to Amma’s chair. Amma asked him to hug and kiss the cheeks of the devotees who came for darshan.

Seeing a Sardarji sitting beside Amma, Amma told him, “I have a new
bhajan in Punjabi. Have you heard that?”

“Yes,” he said.

Amma then called all harmonium and tabla musicians to come and started
singing “Mata Rani Teri Kripa Barasai”
[The Mother Queen Is Showering Her Grace Upon Us.]
It’s melody and rhythm are in a typical Punjabi style.

AmritaTV was there, so Amma’s face was on the big screen. Everybody watched Amma closely, clapping along and enjoying the play.

Nath, a two- or three-year-old boy from France, was in the darshan line
with his father. To the delight of both Amma and the devotees, he came before Amma and started dancing. Amma began calling out “Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!” to encourage him on.

Another beatiful day with Mata Rani….

18 Jan 2007
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here is the text (lyrics) of Mata rani

Mata Rani Ne Kripa Barsayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi
mata Rani Ne Keetti Sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

The Empress of The Universe has showered Her grace,
All my wishes have come true.
The Divine Mother heard my prayers
All my wishes have come true

Onne mere sare rah khole
mere sare rukke kam pure hoye
meri Maya meri,
meri Maya meri suddh len ayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

She has cleared all my paths,
Desires that were blocked have been fulfilled
My Mother,
My Mother has come to take my sorrows away
All my wishes have come true

Mata Rani ape daudi daudi ayi
onne har kushi meri jholi payi
meri ambe ne,
meri ambe ne keetti sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hunid Ayi

The Empress of The Universe Herself has come running
She has poured all happiness into my pouch
My Mother,
My Mother heard my prayers
All my wishes have come true

Ajj meri Mayya mere kar ayi
kushiyan de sagar vicch dubki lagayi
meri datti ne,
meri datti ne keeti sunavayi
meri har gal Puri Hundi Ayi

Today My Mother has come to my house
I have taken a dip into the ocean of happiness
My Giver,
My Giver heard my prayers
All my wishes have come true

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *