Philipose Mar Chrysostom is turning 99

Today Revered Philipose Mar Chrysostom is turning 99!!. Happy birthday, Thirumeni.
May your innocence, humour, wisdom, broadmindedness and the courage inspire the world to live more harmoniously.


Tirumeni, i remember what you said about Amma when you came for Amritavarsham60 celebrations: “Some people are born and then they die. (Only those two things, they have done nothing else.) You look at their tombstone and see ‘Born on –‘and ‘Died on –‘. But there are people, like Amma, who are born, who truly live, and then pass on. Amma is living now, I do not know if She will live or die. But, people like me, are looking forward to death –because of this cruel world. Why? Today, the world has sunk deeper into despair. There is no world, there is no humanity, and there are no values. But, because of Amma, humans are human; values are still values; the world is still our world. From today, Kerala must awaken, become different from yesterday. {more about Tirumeni here)