Amma bliss

praying for happy journey

Around 3 p.m, Amma left Amritapuri for the 3 week visit to Tamil Nadu. It’s a 7 hour journey by road. Nine buses and six cars with about 500 children of Amma, four trucks with luggage, sound system, bookstall, and kitchen items are there with Amma on the tour. Really , it’s the Ashram on wheels.

Tamil is the native language of Tamil Nadu – the neighbor state of Kerala.

Amma has a long connection with Tamil Nadu. Even before she started her mission, Amma had been to the temples of Madhurai and Rameshwaram with her parents. In the early years of Devi Bhava Darshan Amma used to talk only in Tamil. Now-a-days Amma’s talk in Malayalam is translated into Tamil by Swami Ramakrishnanda.
It’s always nice to watch Amma during the translation of her satsangs. Amma and Ramakrishana Swami will have nice interactions.
Will keep you posted about the nice moments with Amma.

i am posting this while traveling in a car right behind Amma. Thanks to the technology. Thanks to Amma.

Praying to Amma for a happy spiritual journey.

20 Jan 2007