It was baby-feeding time at the end of darshan in Mananthavadi. Today there were 20 babies. The last set of parents had 4 children to be fed by Amma belonging to the same parents. All delivered in one birth! The fifth one died immediately after the delivery. Oh my god.

When I told Amma their story She was looking around and warning all the brahamacharis and brahmacharinis… “Look if you had taken up the family life, you would have been like this. (Pointing at the father) See how much suffering he is going through.”

The moment they were brought to Amma they started crying, struggling to get out of Amma’s lap, not willing to take the food from Her. All the 4 were the same. Usually you give the first solid food after 4-6 months. These boys were 3 years old. Since Amma had not visited Mananthavadi for the last 3 years, this poor family was not able to keep up with the letter of the tradition. But they still followed up the spirit…though it was not their first food.

A blessing to the family, a lesson to the Brahmacharis.

27 February 2007 Mananthavady