sit erect, close your eyes

20 feb, hyderabad, bharata yatra 2010

” now let us meditate for some time. sit erect. close your eyes.”

if our beloved amma says this what will you do? of course even if we cannot follow her instructions fully, we pretend that we are doing it.

but here in hyderabad people were different. they were clapping when she said that.

because she was speaking in their local language – telugu. the joy of listening to their mother speaking in their own mother-tongue has brought about such a celebration.

“experience peace right from the head to the toes” they clapped again.

“every cell is awakening and dancing in joy” they clapped once more.

it was such a joyful experience for all those who speak telugu..

amma sang many new telugu bhajans which the devotees relished with their full heart. they burst into applause after each song.