Stealing the Show

It was Akhilesh who stole the whole show last night. For more than 90 minutes he was talking to Amma non-stop! That too while Amma was giving darshan.

Akhilesh is from Pune. He is four years old. He speaks only Marati. He was telling Amma so many things that no one could understand. First of all it was in Marati, which most of do not know. And even if we did understand Marati, a child’s world is often inexplicable.

His interactions with Amma were so sweet. All through the darshan, he was next to Amma’s chair. When some devotees came to perform padapuja, I tried to move him so as to be able to take photographs, but Amma wanted him there. He was obstructing the view of the camera, so I made him sit on my lap. But he kept getting up, so I had to make him sit on my lap with one hand and shoot with the other. There were some beautiful conversation between him and Amma:

“Amma, did you eat the food I gave you yesterday?”
[Amma showed him her belly and said it was full.]

He invited Amma to his house in Pune and told Amma that he would feed her there.

Sticking up three fingers, he insisted that Amma come to the Pune Ashram for three days.

“Amma you look beautiful. But if you put on a mukut [crown] like Krishna, you will be more beautiful.”

The boy is fully convinced that Amma understands his language.

Who says not knowing Malayalam is a barrier in communicating with Amma?

Become like a child.

Friday 29 Dec 2006