one who takes across the ocean

18 jan, bhavani, bharata yatra 2009

bhavani is always fascinating. i had written about it before {click ere to read}. this time it was all different. amma reached after the tour group. the water in the river was full. amma sat on the banks and straight away took the mike and asked her children to narrate some spiritual stories. in between the stories amma added pearls of wisdom to the stories – giving more depth of spiritually to the stories.

myself and kannan walked around with camera trying to capture those beautiful moments with amma at this pilgrimage center against the beauty of the river.

suddenly i was informed that amma is going to go in a boat into the river. wow! i was excited. asked a boatman to let amma use the boat which he happily agreed. these are special boats which weigh about 3 kg, made out of bamboo sticks and tarpaulin with a tar coating at the bottom.

the boats look like big bowl with a diameter about 2 meters, can hold 5 people inside.

amma entered in to the boat. taking oar into her hands she started rowing. the boat man was puzzled. he had his oar. started to help out amma. the boat started spinning around. i explained to the boat man that amma is familiar with the boat, and she knows how to row. so dont worry. but the boat man was reluctant to let amma row.

amma rowed into the river for some time. the sun had already set. the night began to fall. it was sooo beautiful to watch amma rowing with a pause in between. the 500 odd members of the group stood wonderstruck at the banks of the river.

when amma reach back at the bank, everyone clapped in joy.

does any one realizes that this is the one who can take humans across the ocean of samsara?

മർത്യരെ സംസാര വാരിധിക്കക്കരെ എത്തിച്ചിടും ഭവതാരിണിയംബികേ …
marthyre samsara varidhikkare ethichidum bhavatarini ambike…

~ dhyanamrita