stop at the university

15 jan, bharata yatra 2009, ettimadai

it was not scheduled. nothing in amma’s life is scheduled. amma says that her life is like that of a river. she is just flowing the way she wants with her own undisclosed plans.

so here also the same thing happened. on the way to coimbatore, amma went straight to the swimming pool of the university. its an olympic standard pool, one of the best in south india.

the blue water reflected the western ghats.  amma walked alone to the other side of the pool, sat there on the steps. the group joined amma after few minutes. we had satsang and bhajans. when amma announced that its time to go, every one had a sigh  ‘ohhh’. because it was sooo sweet.
but amma has to start the program the next day. its getting late.

~ dhyanamrita