the return

22 march, bharata yatra 2008, kolkata to amritapuri

as we returned to amritapuri, many seats in the buses remained vacant. the 4 trucks, 8 buses, 3 cars, and the camper without amma… all go in line. seeing the white buses and people in white dress, everybody looks with wonder; ‘who is this?’
our routine is the same. we stop for lunch, stop for chai and dinner. temporary light is set up, we serve food, have our prayers.. and leave. no satsangs; but the words of amma from the last satsang echos in our mind.

today’s travel is about 840 kilometers. from kolkata we are driving to vishaka pattanam. because of holi, the roads were mostly empty. we saw a lot of people with colours painted all over who had taken part in the celebration. holi is the beautiful festival of colours.

another 800 odd kilometer to chennai and then another 800+ to amritapuri. altogether about 2500 k.m.

its a 4-line free road ahead. a beautiful road, and hoping for a beautiful safe ride.