they are all singing

4 apr, amritapuri
they were singing all along.. i mean the cuckoos….

when we left amritapuri, they were singing. do remember, last year i told you about the cuckoos of the ashram? read here
they were singing all along the tour- bhatara yatra. i heard them singing in coimbatore, pondicherry, tirunelveli, kannur, mangalore, bangalore, hyderabad, washim, pune, amdavad, jaipur, delhi, varanasi, kolkata, bhuvaneshwar. i tought at least in places like bangalore, washim, amdavad where the climate is so different from kerala they will not be there. but they were. on the road to amadavad to jaipur actually the cuckoos were singing along the road. in delhi they were joined by peacoks!
back in amritapuri they are all singing… so many cuckooos are here

in the temple nearyby there is festival going on. the music is on for almost 24 hrs, for a week. they read srimad bhagavatam and it is heard over the loudspeakers all over the village.
remember amma heard this bhagavatam reading. at that time it was read in a house. there were no loudspeakers. amma was bringing grass for the cows. she heard this and went into krishna bhava… rest is history.. you know it. (if not, read amma’s biography)

summer is searching into its peak. day time it’s hot, but windy. evenings sometimes we have summer rains.

the small konna tree by the front ashram gate is offerring its first yellow flowers for vishu. this time amma won’t be here for vishu.
lots of new visitors come to the ashram even though they know amma is not here. they are regualry watching amma’s programms on amrita tv and are attracted to the ashram. once they see the kali temple hall you can hear them talking that this is the place where amma talks to the residents of the ashram.

all waiting for amma to come back. even the cuckoos.. may be