Unlock the Lockdown

we have a lot of potentials within. this is the time to unlock it.108 suggestions

many people find the country lockdown time now really boring. do you want to live each day with thrill and full of enthusiasm? do you want to make use of this time in a creative and useful way? we have a lot of potentials within. this is the time to unlock it. here are some 108 suggestions. this knowledge will empower you. when you start learning out of love, you will enjoy life.

1 create posters on Gita
2 create haiku poetries on Gita
3 write poetry on Gita (in your mother tongue)
4 draw paintings and sketches, based on the ideas discussed in Gita
5 by heart the slokas of at least one chapter
6 write articles based on Gita
7 create #GitaChallenge videos
8 create one-line messages of Gita.
9 do embroidery of Gita slokas on the pillow cover, hanky etc
10 collect “Gita moments” from celebrities/leaders life biography (either statement in text or video clippings)
11 find out 5 good qualities of each family member and talk to them every day about how much you appreciate it.
12 find out the childhood hobbies of your grandparents
13 what are the names of flowers of your garden/courtyard and its use
14 how many types of birds visit your courtyard? how many at night? what are the names?
15 learn to calculate time without any other instrument just by looking at the length of the shadow
16 find out the langue skills of people around you (how many languages they can speak and write)
17 learn to make a film on mobile, edit it, post on youtube
18 lean-to take a film w/o editing for 2-3 minutes but as a final product
19 learn to take good pictures with mobile (which you can be sent for photography competition)
20 take a good pic of a butterfly
21 take a good pic of a housefly
22 find an interesting/transforming incident from a mahatma’s life story
23 find the number of musical instruments available in your state
24 find out the number of curries/cuisines of your place/state
25 learn to scan and make a quality digital copy of documents
26 learn to organise all digital documents and images
27 learn to write in the left hand (if you used to use right hand)
28 do hand painting using kitchen waste
29 learn one of Amma’s bhajan with meaning
30 try to live with no cell phone or laptop or TV for a day
31 one day, you will speak the only regional language. decide. do it.
32 memorise month names in regional language
33 memorise names of 27 Nakshatras
35 cut your hair, with the help of someone in the home
36 learn to clean the toilet
37 learn to one new yoga asana
38 draw your face on a paper by watching it on a mirror
39 learn to tell a joke as a joke
40 learn to put rangoli in front of the house with rice powder
41 learn 5 new names & meaning from Lalitha Sahasranama
43 Tell one mahatma story to a child/friend/parents
44 learn to clean your room/mop with disinfectant
45 go through all of your old stuff and cleanup.
46 learn to fix the bulb
47 learn to fix the tube light
48 learn to fix the leaking tap
49 learn to fix broken/loose button of your shirt/pants
50 learn to open/close the gas cylinder
51 learn the basics of Indian classical music from youtube
52 learn to paint in water, then print on cloth
53 write really ‘short stories’ of max 4 lines from our life, bringing gita principles/values.
54 learn vedic maths
55 learn to tell stories
56 teach elder your family members to chant gita and its meaning
57 learn to paint with thread
58 learn to make local cuisines and traditional food items
59 learn the names of 10 major Upanishads
60 learn the names of all chapters of Bhagavad gita
61 learn to wash the laundry by hand
62 learn to iron the dress
63 learn to cut different vegetables /preparing for different curries
67 learn to cook rice
68 learn to make chappati in a round or triangle shapes
69 learn to make round dosa w/o breaking
70 learn to make masala dosa
71 learn to do food decoration
72 learn to make different chai/black/ginger/masala
73 learn to make coffee
74 learn to make different curries
75 learn to make rasam
76 fry pappadam without burning your finger
77 teach your parents to uninstall/install apps in the mobile
78 learn to customise your mobile/laptop
79 read new amma stories every day. make a painting or cartoon out of it
80 learn a new word in your mother tongue
81 learn a new language
82 learn alphabets – read and write – of your mother tongue
83 learn to arrange bedroom/study table/dining room
84 learn to make origami – for birthday /festival greetings share with friends/neighbours
85 find out different names of Sri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita
86 find out different names of Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita
87 learn names of 8 directions in your regional language
88 watch a horror movie muted and watch again unmuted. what did you learn from that?
89 list then names of kings mentioned in Bhagavad Gita.
90 clean up your email inbox. read/reply/archive and keep empty every day.
91 learn to dance and express the ideas of a chapter of Bhagavad Gita
92 give a tune to each sloka you learned from Gita
93 learn to be silent while eating
94 find out Gita slokas starting with all vowels (Sanskrit)
95 learn to write with your leg
96 start writing/blogging every day about your passionate subject. if you don’t have a passion start with anything that impressed you that day.
97 listen to the chirping of birds and try to understand what they talk about
98 learn to look at the sky and sit silently with a single thought
99 look at the sky at night and find out the stars (Google sky map)
100 learn to smile at everyone without any reason.
101 clean up your contacts in email/FB/WhatsApp who never contacted you
102 create puzzels
103 learn to write invitations in calligraphy
104 learn braille language
105 learn to sleep peacefully
106 getup from the bed as soon as you wake up from sleep
107 learn to practice silence every day for 30 minutes
108 learn to meditate at any time, anywhere for at least 5 minutes