bliss interesting

whose house?

6 feb 2008, amritapuri

she came through the window. i was wondering why she is coming to the brahmacharis quarters. how dare she? she had few strands of fibre in her hand. she looked at me and smiled- a kind of an awkard smile. her eyes looked like asking me permission ‘can i come in?’. but she did not wait for any answer. jumped on to the cupboard and then to the shelf and disappeared behind the stuff that was there. aha! there she is making her home. oh ho… is she going to deliver babies and bring them up in my room? yes, it seems like.

i just paused my thought. relflected. my room? really?

one of amma’s teachings flashed through my mind. ‘even the ants living in house will say its their house, the crow and the pigeon sitting on the roof will also say that its their house. really who’s house is it? ignorant man claims it’s his”.

i smiled at the squirrel.

‘kuch na le aya to, kuch na le jayega
nam hari ha jap le sangh vahi aayega’

(you didnt bring any thing with you when you came, you wont take any thing with you when you go;
chant the name of the lord, that alone will accompany you.)