guru sends you on the road to freedom

tomorrow is guru purnima. the day sage vyasa was born. vyasa is the one who organised vedas, so he is called veda vyasa. vedas are the very breath of the lord, it’s not separate from him. veda means knowledge, knowledge of the self, not separate from him.

we believe that the first guru is the lord himself – who is ever-present, pleasant, peaceful .. so we chant sadasiva samarambham…

there were many sages and saints who were giving directions to humanity over the millenniums.. we don’t know all of them, but one significant one we remember. he is shankaracharya. who was born in kerala, left his house at the age of 8 and took sannyasa. he wrote commentaries on Gita, Upanishads and Brahmasutra establishing the supremacy of Advaita philosophy. he put down his pen at the age of 16!. we consider him somewhere in the middle of the parampara. afterwards, also we had so many acharyas ..i don’t know all of them. but i know my acharya, my guru. so i member him. through my guru i login to that network to access to the divine which is ever-present everywhere. on this auspicious day of guru purnima, we salute the guru parampara – the lineage of masters who gave us the wisdom of how to live in this world happily.

The Lord – SadaSiva gives a Satguru to help you to realise Him. the guru gives Sastra, which is the very breath of the Lord. through sastra, a sadhaka – a seekar – attains sakshatkar – realisation.

a guru makes you responsible for your growth. he questions your answers. more than obedience and discipline, he is looking for trust and humility. he is your guide and a pointer on your path.
guru sends you on the road to freedom by explaining about yourself and your nature to you and your relationship with the world.
he opens up your mind, helps you to return to your innocence.
walking beside you holding your hand he leads by example. even if the whole world rejects you, the guru will not reject you. like a father, mother and friend he will be always there to help you to grow.

so let us offer our tributes, prayers at the feet of our satguru – Amma – Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi on this auspicious day of GuruPurnima, seeking for grace and guidance.