Amma poetry

Guru, the guiding light

Guru, the radiant beacon of light,
Unraveling Vedas, making our path bright,
Reaching out, guiding us right,
Under her watch, we find our might.

Bharat sanskrit

गुर्वष्टकम् – Guru Ashtakam by Sankaracharya

The Body is handsome, the wife is attractive, Fame spread far and wide, wealth is enormous and stable like Mount Meru; But if the mind is not immersed in devotion to the lotus feet of the Guru, Really of what use is all these, what use, what use, what use?


guru sends you on the road to freedom

tomorrow is guru purnima. the day sage vyasa was born. vyasa is the one who organised vedas, so he is called veda vyasa. vedas are the very breath of the lord, it’s not separate from him. veda means knowledge, knowledge of the self, not separate from him. we believe that the first guru is the […]