Amma bliss

Amma’s Gopa

Some days ago (16Oct), Amma came online, late at night during Finland programme. She wanted to talk to all the ashram residents through the webcam. Amma’s online presence was announced by ringing the bell thrice.

Like all others, Br. Murali, who works in the tailoring department, also rushed to the stage where the webcast was being transmitted. Amma saw him through the webcam and called out, “Hey Murali! No shirt?”

Murali tried to hide. But the camera followed him. Amma laughed. Everyone joined in the good-natured laughter.

The next day, when Murali went to brahmacharinis’ tailoring department on some errand, they asked him why he had not put on his shirt when he went to see Amma the night before. Murali remained silent for a second. Then, he spoke, in a serious tone, “It’s a pity that you have not understood anything Amma has been saying all these years.”

“What do you mean?” the brahmacharinis asked.

Murali explained. “There isn’t a day when Amma doesn’t talk about the devotion of the gopis [milk maids]. When they heard Lord Krishna’s flute, they would come running at once, no matter what they had been doing: feeding the baby, taking a bath, dressing up, applying kohl to the eyes, selling dairy products… whatever. Sadly, none of you have imbibed that fervour. There is only one gopi here, and that’s me! I am Amma’s gopa [cowherd boy].”

17 Oct 2006