Amritasya putra: vayam

lacking in nothing, children of Amrita
The blissful Brahman;
You are That.

Create ghosts or gods;
the clay is yours.
Attracted to one, repelled by the other,
ghosts and gods are changing,
while the clay remains the same.
Brahman is bliss, a changeless Love;
sorrow is our creation and needless.

You feel happy, you start loving.
In love, happiness blooms.
Yet, my friend, understand,
it’s one coin but the sides are two.
Love is happiness expressed,
happiness is love experienced.

Feel the joy of sharing.
Giving is life, taking is death.
Share what you have,
always full;
the wellspring refills itself.
Your talent, skills or knowledge,
your health, wealth or love,
your time, words or smile.

Lacking in nothing,
Children of Amrita,
The blissful Brahman;
You are That.

~ Swami Dhyanamritananda
22 Aug 2020