Anagha’s prayer

Anagha (13), from Pala – Kottayam, could not attend Amma’s 54th birthday in Amritapuri on Sep 27th. While sitting in the classroom she composed a four-line prayer in Malayalam. Anagha recited this to Amma when she came to Amritapuri, on Sunday the 30th. The poem was so powerful. After listening to this Amma asked the little one that ‘are you going to make me cry?’

Here is the prayer.

In the ocean of sorrow, I am always crying.
With a smile, when will you remove my sorrows, oh Devi?
Are you becoming devoid of compassion?
Is it your desire that my mind should be filled with thoughts always?
In the twilight hours, with songs of devotion,
I will prostrate daily to your Holy Feet,
Oh, you who is borne of the nectar.

its too difficult to translate into English. sorry.

if you know Malayalam you will enjoy it better.