language is a barrier

13 Oct 2007, Amritapuri
arjun and his wife live in the ashram. it was last sunday when arjun and sampurna (from Austria) did the padapuja. amma had been giving darshan since at the end of darshan at around 3.00 am their turn came to do the padapuja.

i was by the side of amma helping them do the puja. there was no tension or hurry on arjun’s face. amma was also giving more time even though she was sitting there the whole day. they did abhishekam – pouring milk, curd, ghee, honey, water on amma’s holy feet. in fact they were pouring love. then they offered a sari, then mala… then they did arati. arjun kept looking at amma during arati. and amma too was looking into the eyes of arjun. not talking, just looking at each other. that was soooo beautiful. in fact throughout their puja, nor during their darshan they never said any word to amma.

two days later i saw arjun. he was still intoxicated -laughing and crying, hugging me he said “around amma, any language is a barrier”.

i pondered over it. true. what language can describe love? he had crossed the barriers and plunged into love.
even after five days when i saw him he still was in bliss.