inner coolness

13- 14 jan 2009, Bharata Yatra 2009, Kodungallur

on the 12th  evening amma arrived at amrita vidyalayam, kodungullar. amma stayed there.  the ashram is about one kilometer away.

i saw an old man, who was supposed to be at amrita university for an ugc inspection – but was here. i asked him why he was here.”  “this is the place amma initiated me to a mantra, and the lalita sahasranama. how can i forget?” this is the bond the old timers have with kodungullur. remember, in those days, the brahmasthanam festival was for 9 days, with 5 archanas of 1000 names of devi chanted 5 times daily + bhajans and satsangs. so many old people were greeting me. for many, being here with amma, is like arriving at the ‘taravadu’ – like coming home to the family house (like the great grand parents house where the whole family, all generations come together). its nice.

a family arrived form germany, joined the amma group here. it was -18 degrees in germany, here it is 35 degrees. hoowowow….!! a difference of 50 degrees in a day!!! they dont know whether to sit, or stand or to pour water on their heads…  but love for amma makes it cool.

in fact the scriptures talks about “antha: sheetalima” – inner coolness that a sadhak experiences as he progress in sadhana. that is the measurement of ones progress. when we uncover our amma/guru inside our hearts we will experience that coolness for sure.