cuckoo has stopped?

cuckoo has stopped?
the rain has started. slowly the heat is reducing. the summer is disappearing. yesterday and today we had good rains. we also had the bonus of thunder and heavy lightning.

the cuckoos which were singing day and night, now actually stopped singing. no, wait, i heard its voice twice or thrice today.
this particular cuckoo living at the ashram compound is special. it was cuckooing all the time… early morning, noon, evening, night or past midnight. all the time it was singing at the top of its voice. btw i could never locate the cuckoo.
have you tired competing with a cuckoo? its funny. when it is ‘kooing’, you also ‘koo’. the cuckoo will increase its pitch. you also raise yours ‘koo’. the cuckoo will raise its too. the pitch will be increasing. after 5, 6 times you can feel the annoyance or anger in the sound of the cuckoo. you still continue. the cuckoo will go to the peak of its voice. but don’t stop. you continue. then the cuckoo will stop.
you have won.

but after some time it will start again.
you do it once more. repeat the same steps. you can win.
but after few seconds the cuckoo will start all over again. it will ‘koo’ through out the day and night.

you can never win.

in the last twenty one years i never heard cuckoos singing in the ashram like that. amma also mentioned to me about it once.

the ashram is quiet. bhagavad gita classes are happening regularly in the morning hours after the archana. swami kaivalyanandaji’s superb exposition on bhagavad gita helps us to understand the depths of simple statements of Amma.

27 may 2007, amritapuri