diwali time in delhi: thank you for being a tall friend

24 Oct 2011, delhi
it was diwali time when we visited the amrita vidyalayam delhi.
we visited the preprimary classes and surprised children with a song, dance or a drawing. we distributed sweets and wished them happy diwali. suddenly the whole class started lightening up with beautiful smiles.

sharing sweets

sharing sweets

upper primary children are very bright.
the high school ones needs a very good orientation. i believe that metropolitan children are over exposed to the world beyond their age. they need a goal, need to be told that what they can achieve and what their potentials are. to talk to them is a difficult task.
the higher classes are attentive, but they lack focus. they lack introspection. they need confidence, need to know the importance of values for success. but once it its told to them, they are convinced. at least they know now. it is up to them to achieve it.

for success

bringing light

it was a surprise that the teachers also wanted a session. in spite of the busy programs of holding an inter school competition they sat for a day. agreed the bring change in themselves and be happy.

Class for teachers

Class for teachers

the invitation from the children to come again and the cards they gave to us with love shows that they wanted it more.
here is one by lakshmi prasad-
“thank you for being a friend
no matter come what may
you’ve always through the best of me
no matter what i say.”

“thank you for being a tall friend
who taught me how to smile
lessons were cracked with jokes
which changed the smile into laughter.”

happy children

giving sweets

S M I L E ...

Class in progress

class to laugh

very attentive

Yogamrita and children

Amritavidyalyam, Delhi