Davanagere Amrita Vidyalayam

27-30 nov 2017

visit to Davanagere Amrita Vidyalayam. had a wonderful time with the students. thanks for all your love and affection, interest and enthusiasm to lean values…


the purpose of education is learning not just earning

a very fruitful session with 10 and +2 students of amrita vidyalyam nagapattinam about the goal of life and goals in life; the purpose of education is learning not just earning… and discussed in detail about the challenges in implementing this in life especially when dealing with parents and teachers.

interestingly here also there is no bell, but the class functions smoothly

5-6 july 2017, nagapattinam, tamil nadu

Nagapattinam Amrita Vidyalayam

who am I, serving all, boundless energy

3 Jun 2017, Amrita Vidyalayam Puducherry

Had a very wonderful interaction with 7 & 8th standard students… what a purity and energy !! many of the 8th std students want to serve the society, till they die they want to help others, they have to realize God..

7th std is bubbling with energy, one girl what to know “who am I” ??

interestingly the school doesn’t have a bell, but still, everything goes smoothly. had a session with teachers too. they are very dedicated and wants to bring change in the life of students.. if all the teachers across the country think like this, our children will have a better future and the country will have good citizens.


its ok if your IQ is little less; enjoy life, help others

today we visited a differently able school with the students of amrita vidyalayam, kochi.

at first, students were reluctant, but after few minutes, they started interacting.. asking names, singing songs, playing mimicry, imitating michael jackson, fighting with pancha gusthi.. encouraging the differently-abled at each step. many of inmates are beyond their teens, but their brain has not developed enough and many have physical deformities. interestingly they all help each other in their activities, encourages each other to come up, which most of the IQ people lack in this world, unfortunately.

students interacting with
students joining the laughter with a differently abled girl

the avm children also collect rice and grocery items and donate to this institution regularly, where more than 80% of the inmates are from a poor family.   this way avm students will see the reality of life, and also will help them to develop love and compassion for the suffering.

after the visit, keerthana from 6th std had an interesting note. she said, “all of the inmates are enjoying, they are happy in spite of the disabilities.”

it was true though.

there is nothing to worry if your IQ is a little less, but are you able to enjoy life? that’s important. get rid of the unnecessary thinking and IQ stuff, if it can’t help others and able to enjoy life.

30 jun 2016

imitating a blind man singing
imitating a blind man singing
girls singing
girls singing
mimicry performance
mimicry performance
with the differently abled
a selfie with the differently abled
bus trip
singing in the bus on the way
a selfie from the bus

at amrita vidyalayam kochi

during the 4day sessions at Amrita Vidyalayam, Kochi, we discussed about life, goals in life, the goal of life, happiness, success, acceptance, smile 4 success etc.

30 jun 2016


Amrita Vidyalayam Trissur

Classes taken on education for life.


visit to Chavakkad Amrita Vidyalayam


transforming heat at delhi amrita vidyalaym

24-27 jun 2012, amrita vidyalayam, new delhi

it was not really a ‘warm’ welcome, but a ‘hot’ welcome at delhi. when amma asked me to go to delhi for the children’s camp i never expected this kind of welcome. they say it is the highest temp in the last 30 years! even at 12’o clock at night if you sit on the first floor, your butt will burn. the water running through the tap at the same time is also equally hot. i am talking about night 12’o clock .. ok?

how to conduct a camp at this temp for children, that too residential one, for 3 days? thank god there was an ac room even though it didnt had much effect. still it made a difference – at least you dont sweat.

the children were wonderful. it was a tough task to deal with the kids of 4th to 10 standards in one class. but to my surprise the children were very attentive and i could feel that they are travelling along with us. we discussed about beauty, love, happiness, the goal of life, commitment, caring, sharing, along with yoga and meditation. the games mukeshji had with the kids were very inspiring. nijamritaji and my self were really enjoying the company of kids. the children also had adventure games like wall climbing and rappelling etc. we also joined.

there was special session of talks, games and competitions to be positive always.

at the end the camp was a very transforming one. many children came up and spoke on the mike saying that their life will not be the same any more – they will be happy and caring for others.

what else you need from a camp of kids?
~ dhyanamrita


diwali time in delhi: thank you for being a tall friend

24 Oct 2011, delhi
it was diwali time when we visited the amrita vidyalayam delhi.
we visited the preprimary classes and surprised children with a song, dance or a drawing. we distributed sweets and wished them happy diwali. suddenly the whole class started lightening up with beautiful smiles.

sharing sweets

sharing sweets

upper primary children are very bright.
the high school ones needs a very good orientation. i believe that metropolitan children are over exposed to the world beyond their age. they need a goal, need to be told that what they can achieve and what their potentials are. to talk to them is a difficult task.
the higher classes are attentive, but they lack focus. they lack introspection. they need confidence, need to know the importance of values for success. but once it its told to them, they are convinced. at least they know now. it is up to them to achieve it.

for success

bringing light

it was a surprise that the teachers also wanted a session. in spite of the busy programs of holding an inter school competition they sat for a day. agreed the bring change in themselves and be happy.

Class for teachers

Class for teachers

the invitation from the children to come again and the cards they gave to us with love shows that they wanted it more.
here is one by lakshmi prasad-
“thank you for being a friend
no matter come what may
you’ve always through the best of me
no matter what i say.”

“thank you for being a tall friend
who taught me how to smile
lessons were cracked with jokes
which changed the smile into laughter.”

happy children

giving sweets

S M I L E ...

Class in progress

class to laugh

very attentive

Yogamrita and children

Amritavidyalyam, Delhi