Expect her before your expectation

20 dec 2007, Kozhikode

Amma says that her life is like that of a river. flowing all the time — flowing all over the world. flowing into the humble, into the poor, into the suffering — to awaken, to fulfill, to purify. amma says that she didn’t became a railway track. she became a river.

just few days ago she was in london, one week ago she was in california, before she was at paris… yesterday she was in manjeri, now she is in kozhikode. and tomorrow…

i have see people who come to the ashram from foreign countries take 3-4 days to overcome the jet-lag and to look and feel fresh. still, it takes time to adjust to the climate and surroundings, language, and food. its also very difficult to re-set the body clock. now look at amma. she holds programs everywhere. she goes from stage to stage –literally!

the people who are traveling with amma find it hard to keep pace with her. they all take a break or rest while amma is in full action.

amma arrived straight from manjeri to kozhikode. the devotees were not prepared. they were expecting amma in the evening. only around a hundred people were there.
as amma moved though the devotees you could see that many were in tears of joy. by the time the students of amrita vidyalayam came prepared to play drums welcoming amma, she was already in the room.

so next time expect her a little ahead of your expectation.