grand finale

21 dec, bharata yatra 2007
kozhikode brahmasthanam

that was the grand finale in kozhikode. imagine what it could have been.
you guessed it right.
mata rani!!!

amma asked to play the music and started dancing at the end of darshan.

a few mantras and then there were more than 50 babies for annaprasham -to receive their first solid meal from the hands of Amma in kozhikode. there was a padapuja also.

when amma started mata rani, devotees rose to their feet and started dancing. the energy in the hall suddenly boomed. Amma was in an ecstatic mood. she called out mata rani — and from the devotees came the response “ki jai.” the hall was full. Amma made the sound like that one in the video tape ‘ttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaa’. all went wild. the energy was overflowing the hall. amma stopped . as Amma was going to her room from the stage which is just above the stage, devotees were calling out mata rani ki jai. amma reached the balcony, she looked down up on her kozhikode children in ecstasy. she posed there, gazing at them. amma started to respond to with a “ki jai” to the “mata rani”. this went on for some time before she disappeared into the room.

and the word spread that amma is leaving at so i got some time to sleep. got up at 9 and expecting amma to come. we waited and waited. she came at 12.00 noon!.
amma had 5 house calls. one particular house was really worth mentioning. all members of the house – about 12 people were all in tears all the time except a two month old new born. it was so sweet to see the real devotion of the people.
at last we left kozhikode at about 2.40 in the evening.