How to get the glance of Guru

10 jan 2009, amritpauri

amma was coming after the bhajans from the stage, back to her room. many are lined on both sides with stretching hands to touch amma. amma tried to touch people standing on either side by stretching her hands on both sides, spreading like wings of a bird.

just touching amma is enough? no. many are not able to touch amma. for some people, they wants amma’s attention. hundreds are waiting for her glance. what can they do? they may do anything for that. some calling out ‘amma, amma’, others blowing kisses…. if every one is doing the same thing how to make your presence felt? so this man from the west found another way to attract amma’s attention. he raised both his hands and started dancing… amma looked at him and smiled. he was in bliss.

what else more do you need than the glance of guru.

try to get it by any means.

~ dhyanamrita