amrita university amritapuri corridor

amrita university campus, amritapuri

take me, i will be there

3 jan 2010, amritapuri

more than 1300 westerners were there in the ashram for celebrating christmas and the new year with amma.

the festivities are over and it is time to go back and resume work. usually, they take amma’s darshan before they leave. today, one devotee from europe came for darshan. she tried to speak in malayalam with amma. she said that she is leaving next morning and asked whether amma will be with her. with a lovely mischievous smile amma said, “if you take me, i will be there.”


How to get the glance of Guru

10 jan 2009, amritpauri

amma was coming after the bhajans from the stage, back to her room. many are lined on both sides with stretching hands to touch amma. amma tried to touch people standing on either side by stretching her hands on both sides, spreading like wings of a bird.

just touching amma is enough? no. many are not able to touch amma. for some people, they wants amma’s attention. hundreds are waiting for her glance. what can they do? they may do anything for that. some calling out ‘amma, amma’, others blowing kisses…. if every one is doing the same thing how to make your presence felt? so this man from the west found another way to attract amma’s attention. he raised both his hands and started dancing… amma looked at him and smiled. he was in bliss.

what else more do you need than the glance of guru.

try to get it by any means.

~ dhyanamrita


Aswatha the witness

peepal tree at amritapuri

 Peepal Tree: Witness of the Ashram Growth
When I first came to the ashram this peepal tree was there. This tree was so skinny and was bout 8 feet high. It was then not in the ashram compound. It stood jut outside the ashram, by the palm leaf thatched wall of a teashop run by Parameswaran. During the period of my visit, before joining the Ashram, I used to go to this shop and drink black tea, put and payar (steamed rice cake and green grams – special food of Kerala) after the Devi Bahava darshan. After making tea, Parameswaran used to throw tealeaf waste on to this. It survived all those hardships. Now, this has grown big and now stands inside the ashram compound witnessing the growth of the ashram into a worldwide mission.

peepal tree
tea stall
Parameswaran making chai

Ashram 1995

Ashram in 1995. now the big prayer hall stands. you can see the bore-well which supplies water to ashram.


Ashram before i came

Ashram in 1985.

the Library, Kalari, Vedanta Vidyalayam, and steps of Amma’s house (from right to left)

when i came the first time to the ashram, the coconuts were removed and the foundation was just laid for the Kali temple.