my brothers and sisters

22 dec 2007 bharata yatra, kodungallur, kerala

when we reached kodungallur it was already 6 pm. the hostel children of amrita vidyalayam welcomed amma with padpuja.

you could see them telling ‘i washed amma’s feet,’ ‘i put chandana,’ ‘i did kumkum.’ ‘i did the arati’…etc. these kids are really blessed to be in amma’s schools and imbibe those subtle spiritual values from a very young age.

afterwards, amma was talking to them. she asked ‘are you not feeling sad that you have to leave your family and your own brothers and sisters? Is staying in the hostal difficult?’
one boy keshav said, this is my home, all these (pointing to the fellow students around) are my bothers and sisters as it is mentioned in the national pledge we take. india is my country. all indians are my brothers and sisters.