learning to be happy in mysore

17-19 jun 2011, mysore, karnataka

from bangalore we went to mysore. it was another 3 day camp with children of amrita vidyalayam. mysore is developing into a metropolitan city. even though they retain their culture, most of the parents are going for work. they dont have much time to look after their children. its very much reflected in these children. they were bright, but more mischievous. they not only need discipline, but love too.

learning to be happy

about 180 children who participated in the camp chanted vedic mantras beautifully – in the opening and closing ceremonies.

apart from the workshops and lectures, the camp brought out creativity, leadership, confidence and smile in them. for eg. look at the kaliya mardan tableau they did. it was soooo creative. watch the details with which they presented maha bharata war. look at the way they sing and danced spontaneously. it was blissful.

Kaliya mardan
Hanuman in Ravana's court
Maha Bharata war

when a topic was given to the groups to speak on they choose a stammering boy. you should have seen the support from the whole camp children in the form of applause. they have learned to share, support, accommodate and appreciate.

video session was super too. they realised the value of food and water and how they have to preserve it — it just opened their eyes

Eating together

the closing ceremony was touching. more volunteered to speak. some aspect of the camp had touched them somewhere. they all said that they are different now. this camp has changed their life profoundly. a boy even confessed on the mike his mischievousness and appreciated the patience of the swamis! it was sweet.

some parents were also there for the closing ceremony – they were very moved.

at least 30-40 children were crying when the camp concluded. even the seemingly nonchalant ones were wiping their tears.

one of the parent who is an officer in a company said “we are living a mechanical life. we have never learned this (to be happy). life is really boring without spiritual values”
i asked ” have you told this to your child?”
“then today is the best day. tell this to your child. he will understand it better today (after the camp).

eating together

one of the skeptical parent came and asked me “what are we teaching in the camp? what is the purpose of this camp?”
“why you ask me? ask your child what he has learned” i said. “but you see one thing.. without dunlop bed, hot water for bath, TV and the food he desires, and without parents – they are happy here.”
“yes thats true.” she said.

in fact that was the purpose of the camp. to be happy. always.